About the Garden

The Westover Garden was established in May 2012 on an empty lot near Westover Church. This new ministry reaches out to refugee families through fresh vegetables and friendship. Refugee families are provided their own raised-bed plot within the Westover Garden. Garden Team members work alongside the recipient families to empower them to plant, tend and harvest from their own garden. Garden Team volunteers can serve as an individual, family, small group or LifeCommunity.

During the first year, Westover volunteers partnered with 5 refugee/immigrant families to grow and harvest. The season started with an empty lot, and ended with an incredible amount of nutritious bounty! And, many new friendships. And of course, sweet memories!

From the kids, "do eggplants really grow eggs?" and "what is a tomato?"

In our second year, we are looking forward to partnering with a total of 11 refugee/immigrant families! Five of those families will be returning from last season. Please pray for this ministry to be blessed with not only vegetables for the tummy, but also conversations for the soul.

To learn more how to serve please click here!

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