We welcome all individuals and families to serve at the Westover Garden!  No need for a  green thumb or gardening experience, just a desire to get your hands in the dirt and love our neighbors. 

The 2013 Westover Garden Team will consist of two core groups:
1. Gardeners 
The Gardeners will focus on planting, caring for and growing the garden.  These team members are essential for having healthy, nutritious vegetables for the family.  They will water, prune, and harvest on a weekly basis.  
Time commitment: 1 hour per week (or more if you wish!)
The need: 12 + volunteers
Who are Gardeners? Families, individuals, teenagers, college students, small groups, senior citizens - anyone that wants to get their hands dirty and grow!

2. Liaisons
The Liaisons will partner with an immigrant/refugee family, and will cultivate this friendship.  Because of these team members, the "recipient"  families will better understand that this is their garden, they will visit and regularly communicate with the families to make sure they are visiting their garden.  The Liaisons will come alongside their family and encourage.
Time commitment: 1 hour per week (or more if you wish!)
The need: at least 1 liaison to each "recipient" family
Who are Liaisons? Any person, family or group that wants to get to know and show God's love to a refugee family! 

Please contact Pastor Wes Ward for more information.
(336) 299-7374

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