Tuesday, November 13, 2012

FaithWorks at The Garden

Last Saturday, over 30 people served at the Garden during FaithWorks!  The Lord provided a perfectly sunny {and warm} November day AND plenty of hands to get the job done.  It was a great work day, with projects for all ages.  

Main goals for the day:
1. Build 3 additional garden beds
2. Prep all 12 beds: till, add soil, cover with newspaper, and the with mulch
3. Lay cardboard throughout entire garden area to minimize weeds 
4. Spread mulch throughout entire garden and walkways
5. Have fun!
{huge piles of mulch and soil}
{say good bye to the bermuda grass ground covering}
{lots of cardboard, big garden!}

{cardboard garden}
{prepping beds for 2013}
{who says getting dirty isn't fun?!}

{projects for all ages}
Of course, we had just enough cardboard and the perfect amount of mulch... 
{final product, garden ready for the winter}

And after a few hours the piles were gone, the concrete swept and all trash removed. The job complete.  All goals were met, and if fun was measured in dirtiness well then... we had some major fun!

Thank you to all who served!  Thank you to Steve Miller for coordinating FaithWorks! And, as always thank you to the God who provides all we need. 

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